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Water Tank Lining

Water Tank Lining costs on average approximately 10% the cost of replacing a tank. Lining installation work on large tanks can be completed in a few short weeks, whereas small tanks completed in a few days and can extend the working life of a tank by 30+ years. In our experience in working with tanks we have found that almost any tank, in any condition, can be lined and brought back into service.

West Midlands Rubber and Plastic Company Ltd carry out surface preparation, application and testing and have an extensive range of tank lining products which are designed to meet every corrosion and containment challenge. The lining of an existing tank is more cost effective than replacing a tank and certainly more environmentally friendly. A minute hole in the internal protective lining of an aggressive chemical bulk storage tank can rapidly become an extremely serious problem. It is potentially very dangerous to personnel and the environment and could lead to product loss and wastage. Any contamination of food or drink stored in a substandard internal surface could necessitate the disposal of the entire batch.

As Water Tank Liningspecialists, we understand that there are no short cuts; to stop corrosion and to protect the tank we use the right materials, the right tools for the job, and we test the results until we are completely satisfied. The cost of a failed container is not only the repair cost, but the lost material or product, the lost time and in some cases the cost of providing a replacement tank.

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