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Rubber Lining for Tanks

Unlike PVC, Rubber has many different grades available, allowing a greater range of applications where stronger concentrations or higher temperatures would prelude the use of PVC. Rubber lining is used for many applications including resistance to acids, chemicals and Alkalis, abrasion resistance, Impact Protection, Noise Reduction, Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment.

The resistance of various different types of rubber lining to chemicals and solvents vary greatly.

Soft Natural Rubbers give an excellent resistance to Hydrochloric and Sulphuric Solutions for use as a Acid Pickle Tank Lining as well as in steel processing and our abrasion resistant natural rubbers offer excellent protection for sand and slurry use.

Ebonite’s give a higher degree of chemical resistance and are widely use in the Electro-Plating and metal finishing industry. We can also line equipment in Machineable Ebonite which has been used for many years for bearing housings in Electro-Tinning plant.

Synthetic Rubbers such as butyl, Hypalon and Nitrile have good resistance to hydrocarbons and mineral oil and can be used in some circumstances between 80 to 90 degree C.

We will be pleased to recommend a suitable rubber lining a part of our service.


All items to be lined are inspected as to there suitability for lining, shot blasted to Swedish Standard SA2.5 de-dusted and primed with a suitable rubber primer immediately after blasting. The rubber is then cut and scarfed. The lining is then carried out in accordance with BS 6374 Part 5 by highly skilled liners and cured with steam in an autoclave, with hot water or with live steam. The lining is High Voltage Spark Tested both pre-cure and post cure.

Acid Pickle Tank Lining

Use of Rubber Lining

We specialise in Rubber Lining  and Acid Pickle Tank Lining

Pickle Tank Lining
Industries that use Rubber Lining include:-

Electroplating and Metal Finishing Industry

Aerospace Industry

The Steel Industry

Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industry

Quarrying, Sand and Gravel Industry

Galvanising Industry

Marine and Off Shore Industry

Rubber Lining from the W M Rubber & Plastic Company