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Plasticized PVC Lining

Plasticized PVC sheet has been used as PVC lining for over thirty years where a combination of chemical resistance and flexibility is required. Plasticized PVC lining is bonded to metal and will expand and contract at a very similar rate to the metal therefore maintaining good adhesion properties over a wide temperature range.


All items to be lined are inspected as to there suitability for tank lining, shot blasted to Swedish Standard SA2.5, de-dusted and primed with a suitable rubber primer immediately after blasting. The PVC is then cut to size and bonded to the steel using a high quality contact adhesive after being pre-shrunk. It is then welded by a highly skilled plastic welder and a High Voltage Spark Test carried out. Once bonded to the steel it will expand and contract at a very similar rate as the steel ensuring excellent adhesion at both upper and lower ends of the temperature range. The most common use of PVC lining is in Chromic Acid tank lining (Chrome Tank Lining), where its resistance is better than that of Rubber.

PVC Lining is used in the following industries

Electroplating & Metal Finishing

Aerospace Industry

Chrome Tank Lining Some times writtern as Plasticised Tank Lining Plasticized PVC Lining and Chrome Tank Lining from the W M Rubber & Plastic Company
Plasticized PVC Lining